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Environmental Health Monitoring

Brainlike sensing offers major advantages for environmental health monitoring, especially when either monitoring takes way too much time or remote sensors must run under severe power, processing, and telemetry constraints. Brainlike has recently delivered a powerful product for marine mammal survey monitoring that reduces monitoring time by over 90%, as described in our Fact Sheet.  Here are some other examples:

Whale Search Radar

Brainlike computer engineers and analysts are refining products for finding whales with radar on aircraft, under contract with the United States Navy. Finding whales with radar will greatly improve the Navy’s efforts to postpone potentially damaging sonar testing in areas where whales may be present.

Radioactive Canister Monitoring

Several years ago, under research funding from the Westinghouse Savannah River Laboratory, the Brainlike founder developed smart sensing methods for monitoring welds on canisters. The canisters were designed to hold highly radioactive contaminants for long term storage.

Oil Pipeline Monitoring

Brainlike computer engineers and analysts are refining products for monitoring oil pipelines from unmanned aerial systems.

Ground Water Contaminant Monitoring

Several years ago, Brainlike team members developed a smart sensing process for deployment on photonic sensors, which were being designed for the United States Army to measure ground contaminants. The Army needed a smart sensing solution because the sensors were designed to run on batteries in highly contaminated environments, where battery replacement was not an option.