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Huge Overall Savings

Deciding if and how to use image-based event detection should be based on a careful evaluation of return on investment potential, as outlined below and explained in a recent Commercial UAV News interview with the Brainlike CEO.

Brainlike uses a financial model for evaluating  return on investment (ROI) from monitoring solutions. ROI depends mainly on monitoring precision, development costs, and maintenance costs. Improved monitoring precision reduces false alarm costs, which can be very high if many false alarms occur.  Improved precision also reduces missed event costs, especially in military and anti-terrorism settings where missing even one event can be very costly.  High ROI comes when maximum precision can be delivered at minimum cost.

Automated solutions offer reduced development and maintenance cost.  However, conventional automated solutions often reduce precision to the point where false alarm and missed event costs prevail, resulting in marginal or even negative ROI. By contrast, as the financial model in this report shows, Brainlike offers full automation as well as improved precision, resulting in huge ROI to the customer.

Brainlike sensing reduces substantial costs in applications that must run very efficiently on energy and bandwidth constrained remote sensors, upstream of telemetry.  This is the most measurable Brainlike Advantage.

See the full report.