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Brainlike Products and Services

Business Opportunity. Massive streams of continuously arriving data overwhelm monitoring operations. That’s where Brainlike comes in. We either find nuggets of important information for you or show you where to look. Continuously arriving data contains informative nuggets, lying in streams of useless clutter. Clutter in data hides threats, buries prospects, wastes time, clogs channels, saps energy, crams storage, and costs money. With clutter removed, important events stand out, decisions are clear, and costs are cut. We deliver computer products that cut clutter in monitoring data — automatically, affordably, and in real time.

Brainlike Services

Our experienced analysts identify powerful solutions for extracting useful information from your real time data.


Your monitoring needs usually include, but are not limited to, one or more of the following: highlighting important events in cluttered displays, cutting clutter from sensor data before transmission, increasing real-time processing speed, reducing false alarms, and increasing event recognition rates. Our value delivery process begins by understanding your most pressing needs and seeing if we can help.

Needs Assessment

Once we have determined that we can help, we quantify your needs, based on success metrics. Success metrics include, but are not limited to, data transmission rates, false alarm rates, event recognition rates, operator work load, processing speed, processor work load, and sensor persistence.

Solution Delivery

Developing, evaluating, and delivering valuable monitoring solutions quickly is our main strength. Many of our solutions are based on our patented processes, which continuously and automatically learn how to remove clutter, while highlighting important events. Our analysts have developed data based methods, which allow prospective processes to be tuned and their added value to be assessed very quickly. Once a process has been tuned, it is ready for rapid integration into an operational monitoring system.

Monitoring Analyst Training

We offer courses that show how to use modern monitoring development tools, including our Brainlike StudioTMtoolkit.

Brainlike Products

We deliver unique monitoring value quickly and affordably with our patented products.

Brainlike PixMinTM

PixMin™ products detect nuggets of useful information within massive streams of image data, automatically, quickly and affordably. Brainlike, Inc. supplies an evaluation copy of PixMin™ along with an analyst development toolkit.

These products, offered as either software on conventional computers or hardware on parallel processors, can reduce video surveillance camera data by over 90%, while retaining important events in full resolution. Resulting savings in data transmission, storage, and analysis, can be substantial.

PixMin™ may be used along with or in place of standard data reduction methods, such as H.264 or MPEG compression to add even more value. When used instead of standard compression, each PixMin™ pixels may be recovered in originally recorded, high quality, without any compression distortion whatsoever.

Brainlike StudioTM

This toolkit enables our own analysts — and optionally your own experts — to evaluate any variety of clutter reduction and event detection models, using historical data. Brainlike Studio™ produces clear visual displays that pinpoint model strengths and weaknesses. Once powerful models have been identified, they can be easily implemented as real-time systems.

Alternative methods, available as part of MatLab™ and other statistical packages, require detailed understanding of sophisticated mathematics, and they run alternative models very slowly. Brainlike Studio™ has been designed for fast and effective use with very little training and effort. Brainlike Studio™ can also evaluate alternative monitoring models with historical data very quickly — orders of magnitude faster than alternative methods.

Brainlike ProcessorTM

Our signature, real-time monitoring application targets events and removes clutter, precisely, continuously, and efficiently either on standard computers or special-purpose micro-processors. Brainlike Processor™ operates in stages. One stage converts input data to sensitive features. Another stage corrects feature values for changing expectations. A third stage produces clutter-free alerts and displays. Combined stages operate automatically, adaptively, and in real time.

Alternative processes compute features that are based on sophisticated algorithms that require time consuming development and often require very expensive computing equipment. Brainlike Processor™ has been designed for much faster, more compact, operation. In some applications, Brainlike Processor™ complements alternative processes by efficiently and automatically adapting to changes in features that are based on them. In other applications, Brainlike Processor™ operates as a more efficient, stand-alone alternative – especially on small processors at remote sensor sites, upstream of telemetry.

The Brainlike Team

The Brainlike team’s success record is long and growing. We delivered server-based electricity monitoring products during the 1990s.

The Brainlike Team’s Success

We also developed computer monitoring products that are now widely used (see ). We are currently delivering a variety of remote sensor monitoring products (see ). In the process, we have designed and coordinated hundreds of data-based evaluations. Over the years, we have found that delivering monitoring value begins by understanding difficult problems that monitoring professionals face, and ends by quickly delivering effective, affordable solutions.