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Sensing Advantages

Besides operating on network operations center servers, Brainlike sensing solutions operate as micro-processes on remote sensor platforms. Once Brainlike sensing reduces sensor data to valid alarm signals, alarm snippets are sent to command, control, and surveillance operations centers. When installed on remote sensor arrays, Brainlike sensing technology provides the following advantages:

Reduced Telemetry

Brainlike sensing continuously looks for changes in expected sensor readings, while at the same time updating learned expectations. In the process, large images and data streams are reduced to useful information, in the form of snippets. Transmitting only snippets of interest greatly reduces telemetry.

Less Power Consumption

Since transmission depletes a great deal of energy, reducing transmission reduces power consumption as well.

Longer Persistence

Since remote sensor life is often limited by battery power, less power consumption means longer sensor persistence.

Smaller Payloads

Less power consumption means smaller batteries and smaller payloads, allowing sensing vehicles such as robots and unmanned aerial vehicles to last longer and do more.

Automated Data Reduction

Brainlike sensing reduces data automatically and continuously, reducing the need for other signal processing resources and tedious human analysis.

Clutter Reduction

We have performed many case studies, including several recently, showing that Brainlike sensing clarifies cluttered images –automatically, adaptively, and in real time.