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What is Brainlike ?

Sensing systems with “Brainlike inside” can yield huge overall savings in money and lives by clearly identifying developing problems soon enough to prevent costly incidents. Brainlike alerts trigger appropriate actions with high clarity and ample lead time. Brainlike sensing reduces staffing costs by (a) presenting clear displays of developing problems, thus reducing observation costs, and (b) lowering false alarm rates, thus reducing response costs. This is the Brainlike Advantage.


The Brainlike process resembles animal sensations. They both continuously process changing data, they both separate notable events from clutter, and they both learn to remove clutter continuously and automatically.

They both operate rapidly and efficiently. They both have many applications, and they both convert sensing data to valuable information. Sensor networks with “Brainlike inside” identify the most subtle anomalies within camera images and other sensor data by continuously learning what to expect. Animal sensory networks do practically the same thing, but instead they process continuously arriving signals from hoards of sensory neurons.

Neither Brainlike alerts nor animal sensations can be perfect in an imperfect and constantly changing world. However, both produce warning signals that are often far superior to alerts based on isolated, pre-programmed logic. This, again, is the Brainlike Advantage.

Brainlike sensing

is a monitoring enhancement that can easily be added to integrated platforms produced by Brainlike partners. Partner-produced platforms with “Brainlike inside” deliver the most accurate and automated monitoring possible.

Brainlike Technology

is scalable. Brainlike systems are made up of simple, fast, and compact modules, which can quickly be tailored to suit any variety of automated monitoring needs.