Brainlike was at the Commercial UAV Expo 2016 in Las Vegas!

Lots of amazing presentations and booths.

The Expo had a lot of agricultural offerings and we think we can help.

Brainlike, Inc. delivers computing solutions that reduce streams of sensor data
to nuggets of valuable information—automatically and quickly.  Applications
include generating effective alerts from environmental sensor data and reducing
airborne inspection data to important highlights.  We recently delivered a product
that can automatically highlight marine mammals in high-resolution camera images,
immediately after a flight.  Our customer has found that the product reduces the
time it takes to detect marine mammals by 99%. When deployed in the field or
aboard aircraft,  our product “triage” enables observers to act immediately, without
having to wait for cloud-based analysis.  Our PixMin™ products create high
resolution sub-images called chips, containing events of interest.  Unlike raw
images, which can take many hours or even weeks to process, PixMin™ chips can
be inspected and uploaded at once.  Our analysts can help you determine your
specific monitoring needs and deliver custom PixMin™ solutions that will meet
them—quickly and affordably.

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